Children travelling alone

Aegean Airlines service for unaccompanied children allows minors aged between 5 and 12 to travel safely when in certain circumstances are not accompanied by their parents / guardians. An escort for your children can be arranged during your booking by calling to our reservations department. You will need to give the name, address and telephone number of the person who will be accompanying the child to the departure airport, and of the person who will be picking the child up on arrival. In both cases – departure and arrival – the accompanying adult will be required to produce proof of identity. Unaccompanied children are boarded first on the plane and will be supervised by our Ground Staff until handed over to the responsible designated party at the destination airport. Bookings for children travelling alone cannot be made on Aegean Airlines website. Bookings for children travelling alone can be made through the call centre.

The charges for the service are as follows:

Aegean Airlines service charges for children traveling alone are the following:

 Direct / Nonstop flights  EUR 10.00 per direction  EUR 40.00 per direction
 Connecting to/from Greece
 EUR 20.00 per direction  EUR 60.00 per direction
Connecting intern./intern.   
   EUR 80.00 per direction
Larnaca - Athens/ Larnaca – Thessaloniki
   EUR 20.00 per direction
Larnaca –domestic points v.v.
   EUR 40.00 per direction
Larnaca –Intern. Direct flights
   EUR 80.00 per direction
From London Direct flights
   GBP 30.00 per direction
From London connecting flights   
   GBP 45.00 per direction
From Tel Aviv Direct flights
   USD 50.00 per direction
From Tel Aviv Direct flights
   USD 50.00 per direction

Only one child will be charged when two or more siblings are traveling together on Aegean flights.

Declaration of Parent or Guardian Form

The "Declaration of Parent or Guardian" form must be filled out when handing over the unaccompanied minor into our care at the airport of departure. For this reason, we ask that you allow time for filling out the form when planning your journey to the airport of departure.  This form contains personal information about the unaccompanied child as well as the travel details and information on parents or guardians who are handing over and picking up the minor.

Alternatively, in order to save time at the airport, you can download the form here and fill it out. If you cannot print it out, the form can be filled out at the airport of departure.