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Aegean on your mobile

Stay connected with Aegean and its travel services wherever you are, through the brand new mobile site


Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about our Mobile Services.

Mobile Services

  • What services does Aegean offer me on my mobile?

    Aegean provides you a vast portfolio of mobile services that can make your travel easier from the palm of your hand. Through your mobile phone you can book your flight, check-in and select your seat, retrieve your booking and you flight summary, add baggage and edit your details or use additional services such as downloading the flight timetable, finding information for airports and lounges and booking your hotel. Whatʼs more, you can join Miles+Bonus or check your  account, take a closer look at the accrual and redemption options available to you, discover all your benefits, get the latest programme updates and use your Miles+Bonus digital card at all eligible checkpoints.
  • Do Aegean’s Mobile Services require any additional software?

    Aegean’s Mobile Services use the browser included on mobile phones. You should not need to download any additional software.
  • Do Aegean’s Mobile Services work with my phone?

    Aegean’s Mobile Services work with most phones on the market today. In order to access the Mobile Services your device must be internet enabled with an internet browser and you must have a wireless internet or mobile internet service.  

    In order to use the mobile services, go to your mobile internet browser and type in http://mobile.aegeanair.com which will take you to the mobile website.

    If the mobile site is not displayed properly on your mobile phone, this may be due to the configuration settings of your device. In this case you should check your phone's user manual or contact your phone manufacturer's technical support service
  • How can I use my Miles+Bonus Digital Card?

    As a Miles+Bonus member, you can now use your new Miles+Bonus Digital Card just as you would your plastic card. Use it at Aegean Club lounges and all eligible checkpoints to ensure you receive your benefits – and much more.
  • How much will it cost me to use Aegean’s Mobile Services?

    The use of Aegean’s mobile site and all of the mobile services offered are free of charge.  The only costs incurred are the call and data charges levied under your contract with your mobile operator.
  • Which languages are the Mobile Services available in?

    The Mobile Services are currently available in English, Greek, German, French, Italian, and Spanish
  • I would rather use the normal www.aegeanair.com site on my mobile phone, can I still do this?

    Depending on the capability of your phone, you may be able to do so. You can click on the footer link “www.aegeanair.com” in the homepage of the mobile site which will take you to the Aegean web site.

Mobile Check-in / Mobile Boarding Pass

  • What is Mobile Check-in?

    Mobile Check-in allows you to check-in using your mobile phone, with Internet browsing capability anytime and anywhere, if you have a confirmed booking and valid ticket with Aegean Airlines.

  • When is Mobile check-in available?

    Mobile Check-in is available between 30 minutes and 48 hours prior to flight departure.  Please note that you should be at the boarding gate at least 20 minutes before the departure time of your flight. After this time, your seat remains at the disposal of the airline.
    Passengers that have booked connecting journeys with flights operated by another airline, issued on the same ticket, can perform through check-in via their mobile to their onward destination only when the connecting flight departure is within 24hrs.

  • Is mobile check-in available for roundtrip flights?

    Mobile Check-in is available for roundtrip travellers. Prerequisite is that the booking should contain both flights under the same e-Ticket number.
  • Who can use Mobile Check-In?

    Mobile Check-In is available to passengers holding eTickets and their companion passengers travelling under the same booking.
    Exceptions are:
    •     Minors (aged 16 and below) travelling alone or accompanied by another minor.
    •     Minors (aged 16 and below) accompanied by passengers above the age of 16 who holds a separate booking.
    •     Passengers who have requested for special and/or medical assistance.
    •     Passengers who have a preceding flight on the same booking that is not operated by Aegean Airlines.
    •     Passengers travelling in a group of 10 or more in the same booking.
    •     Need to tender additional payment for their ticket.
  • What is the Mobile Boarding Pass?

    The Mobile Boarding Pass contains all your flight details and a 2D barcode that will be scanned at the airport during boarding. It replaces your traditional paper boarding pass when checking in online or from your mobile device for travel from select airports. Once you receive and download your Mobile Boarding Pass, you may proceed directly to the airport gate.  At the gate you have to present your id or your passport, along with the Mobile Boarding Pass.

  • Which airports support Mobile Boarding Pass?


    The Mobile Boarding Pass is currently supported from all Greek domestic airports, as well as from all international airports except the airports of Tel Aviv and Moscow.

    If you are travelling from Tel Aviv, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Cairo or Moscow you are able to perform Mobile Check-in, but you will not receive a Mobile Boarding Pass. Instead you will receive a Mobile Check-in confirmation.  Once you arrive at the airport you can proceed to Aegean check-in counter or Self Check-in kiosk (where available) to print your Boarding Pass.

  • How can I get a printed boarding pass if needed?

    Should your phone battery be dead or if you have forgotten your mobile phone, you can still print out a boarding pass at one of our Self Check-in kiosks or at a check-in desk at the airport. This can be done up until 30 minutes before departure.
  • How do I perform Mobile Check-In?

    Simply follow the steps below for checking in on a mobile device

    Open your web browser on an Internet-enabled mobile device and type mobile.aegeanair.com.  Select and click on "Check-In" link.

    Step 1 : Retrieve flight details: You can enter your last name and Booking reference number or e-ticket number in order to retrieve your flight details.
    Step 2 : A seat is automatically assigned for you and your travel companions.  Click on the “Change Seat” link if you want to change your seat number or click on “Continue” link to proceed to the next step.

    Note that in cases of connecting journeys with flights operated by another airline you will be able to view the auto assigned seat number of the connecting flight, once the check-in process is completed successfully. In addition, the connecting flight’s auto allocated seat number cannot be changed  
    Step 3 : Enter your travel document details as required by Immigration Authorities and your contact information (where applicable).
    Step 4 : You can choose to receive your Mobile Boarding Pass (or Mobile Check-in Confirmation where applicable) via email or sms.
    Step 5 : Confirm and view your Check-In Confirmation details and your Mobile Boarding Pass with the 2D barcode.

  • Can I cancel my check-in using Mobile check-in?

    Check-in cancellation is currently not supported on Mobile check-in. You may cancel your check-in using our web Check-In service on www.aegeanair.com.
  • Is Mobile Check-In available for all Aegean Airlines flights?

    Yes. Mobile Check-In is available for all flights operated by Aegean Airlines
  • What will be required at the airport when using a Mobile Boarding Pass?

    You should have the 2D barcode image available on the screen of your device when approaching the security checkpoint or boarding gate. Please ensure the entire 2D barcode is visible on the screen and make certain the backlight is on when the 2D barcode is being scanned. You should also have a valid government issued photo ID available for inspection at the Security Checkpoint or boarding gate.
  • Can I perform Mobile Check-in when I have baggage to check?

    Yes, you can perform Mobile Check-in.  If you have baggage to check, please proceed to the designated check-in counters of your departure airport, before heading to the departure gate. Passengers departing from Athens & Thessaloniki airports may use our dedicated baggage drop off points.

  • How does the Mobile Boarding Pass look like?

    The Mobile Boarding Pass includes an IATA-standard two dimensional (2D) barcode and the description of your personal and your flight details.  The barcode is not the typical 1D barcode consisting of a set of vertical lines as you might see on a grocery item. The 2D barcodes we use are much more sophisticated, consisting of a pattern of squares arranged on a grid. These squares are read by the scanners and decoded into tens or even hundreds of letters and numbers, electronically representing your boarding pass.


  • What is Passbook?


    Passbook is an application in iOS that allows users to store mobile boarding passes all in one place on the iPhone or iPod touch.

    The Mobile Boarding Pass is accessible in the Passbook app at any time without Internet access.

    Furthermore, the Mobile Boarding Pass will automatically appear on the iPhone’s Lock Screen as you get closer to the departure time or as you approach the airport.

  • How Passbook works (requires iOS6 or higher):


    Adding Mobile Boarding Pass to Passbook

    1. 1. When using Aegean’s mobile site

      Upon completion of Mobile Check-in you will be sent an email or SMS (depending on your selection for delivery method of the Mobile Boarding Pass) with the link to view your Mobile Boarding Pass. Along with the 2D barcode and the flight details, a button ‘’Add to Passbook” will also be displayed. Once you click this button, then the Mobile Boarding Pass will appear with an ‘’Add” button on the upper right hand corner. Simply click ‘’Add” and your mobile boarding pass will be added to Passbook application.

      The ‘’Add to Passbook” button has also been added in the Confirmation page of the Mobile Check-in process, as well as in the body text of the email sent that contains the Mobile Boarding Pass link

    2. 2. When using Aegean’s iPhone App
      Upon completion of Mobile Check-in you will be prompted to add the Mobile Boarding Pass to your Passbook. Once you confirm, then the Mobile Boarding Pass will appear with an ‘’Add” button on the upper right hand corner. Simply click ‘’Add” and your mobile boarding pass will be added to Passbook application.

    3. 3. When using Aegean’s web site
      The Mobile Boarding Pass which includes the ‘’Add to Passbook’’ button is received by customers (iPhone users) who have used the Web Check-in service and have requested a Mobile Boarding Pass via SMS.

    When you are close to boarding time or when you approach the airport area, a Passbook alert will appear on your lock screen.
    Unlock your phone and open Passbook.  Passbook will automatically retrieve the stored boarding pass applicable to your flight.  Make your way to the airport gate and present this boarding pass to board.

    By pressing the “i” icon on the lower right hand side of the Passbook-enabled Mobile Boarding Pass the back side of the pass will appear which contains the following additional information:
    •    Ticket Number
    •    Flight departure time
    •    Flight arrival time
    •    Baggage allowance info
    •    Travel documents info
    •    Conditions & Notices
    •    Contact info
  • Which devices support Passbook?


    Apple Passbook application can only be used on iPhone/iPod touch devices running on iOS 6 and higher operating systems. For detailed information about Apple Passbook please click here.

  • Which airports support Passbook-enabled Mobile Boarding Passes?


    You can use your boarding passes created via Passbook at airports offering Mobile Boarding Pass services.


    The Mobile Boarding Pass is currently supported from all Greek domestic airports, as well as from all international airports except the airports of Tel Aviv and Moscow.