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NOTE: A3 does not accept baggage over 32Kg

GoLight Fare Family

Flex Fare Family


For all passengers types except Infants


No Free Baggage

1 Piece x 23 kg

2 Pieces x 32 kg


No Free Baggage

1 Piece x 23 kg

2 Pieces x 32 kg



No Free Baggage

1 Piece x 23 kg

1 Piece x 32 kg


No Free Baggage

1 Piece x 23 kg

1 Piece x 32 kg

Important: The change to 23 kilos as Free Baggage Allowance for both domestic and international is effective for sales on/after 10th of October 2013, & travel on/after 01st November, 2013.


  • Free Baggage Allowance applies per fare component.
  • Infant are allowed an 8kg cabin bag, as well as a foldable baby stroller for infants and children which is included in free carry-on items (on hold).
  • Miles & Bonus Gold Members and Gold Members of the other Star Alliance companies retain the right to carry free of charge one additional piece of baggage, regardless of the fare family they are travelling with (32kg in Business and 23kg in Economy Class).
  • Gold Miles & Bonus members are entitled to one additional piece of baggage as per compartment booked, free of charge when travelling on an award ticket.

Combinability: For routings where business class is not configured (i.e. ATH-JTR) and passenger cannot be given the possibility of flying in business all the way , there will be more options for through business fares (as domestic sector will be in Y/class, but will have the rules of business) In such cases, 2PC free baggage allowance rule will be shown in the ticket.

For End on End combinations, Free Baggage Allowance will be always the same, as End on End is permitted only in fare families with same Free Baggage Allowance (Flex with Flex/Semiflex/Saver, Business with Business, GoLight with GoLight, etc.)

Passengers with two tickets for connecting flights.

If passenger proceeds at the airport with two tickets within 24 hours.

For example:
One ticket: ATH-SKG in flex with 1PC

One ticket: SKG-MXP in GoLight with 0PC

Rules of each ticket should be applied.

So if passenger has one piece for both flights, for ATH-SKG will not be charged, but for SKG-MXP will be charged according to Excess Baggage policy (as second ticket is issue in the fare category without free baggage allowance).

Same procedure should be followed in case of tickets with different carriers within 24 hours.


With regards to excess weight charges we advise you that there is a capability to pre-pay via the A3 website or mobile site or call center as per the charges below:

- In case of prepaying additional weight from our call center or additional pieces of luggage separately, there is an additional charge of 8 euros per passenger.

- Maximum weight for checked in baggage is restricted to 32 kilos. Any piece exceeding 32 kilos should be sent as cargo.

GoLight/Flex/Business Family

Airport Charges

Piece Charge up to 23 kilos

Flat Rate for Excess Kilos over Piece Limit (23-32kilos)




International short



International long



Exceptions routes



Prepaid Baggage Charges ***up to 2h before departure only***

Piece Charge Business/Flex/GoLight up to 23 kilos

Flat Rate for Excess Kilos over Piece Limit (23-32kilos)




International short



International long



Exceptions routes



Important Notes:
  • International short routes: Cyprus (CY), Ιtaly (ΙΤ), Αustria (ΑΤ), Germany (DE), Hungary (HU), Czech Republic (CZ), Turkey (TR), Ιsrael (IL), Poland (PL), Switzerland (CH), Lebanon (LB), Serbia (RS), Romania (RO), Bulgaria (BG) , Albania (AL), Jordan (JO), and Georgia (GE), Croatia (HR) and Malta (MT). 
  • International long routes: France (FR), Belgium (BE), United Kingdom (UK), Spain (ΕS), Sweden ( SE) and Denmark (DK), Estonia (EE) and Finland (FI), Norway (NO) and Netherlands (NL).
  • Exception routes: Russia (RU), Ukraine (UA), and Egypt (EG), ATH-FRA-ATH and ATH-MUC-ATH, Armenia (AM), Saudi Arabia (SA) and Iran (IR).
  • For Abu Dhabi (AUH) -United Arab Emirates (AE) please refer to paragraph 1.2


- Same rates apply for economy/business class (GoLight, Saver, Semiflex, Flex, Business)

- Charges apply for each piece regardless how many total pieces are purchased.

   For 2nd or/and 3rd  prepaid extra bag, the cost is the same as the 1st prepaid extra bag.

 Example: For 3 prepaid extra bags ATH-SKG the cost will be 15€x3.

- RESOLUTION 302 applies for interline cases

- For GoLight fare families, where No Free Baggage Allowance exists, passenger will be charged from the 1st piece.

- Only for ATH-SKU v.v direct flights, first extra piece will be free of charge. For second and above normal excess/prepaid baggage charges will be applied.

Important Notice:

In case of a ticket with End on End or connecting flights (within 24 hours where passenger will be checked up to the final destination), in order to clarify if the travel is Short/Long or Exception and take the correct charge, the charge will be according to the most restricted (which is actually and the longest route).


One Way ticket


LCA-ATH is in short routes and ATH-FRA is in Exception routes, the most restricted and longest is the ATH-FRA. So the charge will be 70€ for airport and 40€ for prepaid.

One Way ticket


The charge will be 35€ for airport and 20€ for prepaid.

Connecting routes with Exception FRA/MUC routes

ATH-FRA v.v and ATH-MUC v.v are included in exception routes.

As a result, fare rules and excess/prepaid baggage rates are according to the exception charges.

But in case a passenger request to book a ticket GR-FRA v.v GR-MUC v.v via ATH

Example: HER-ATH-FRA

In that case itinerary is not defined as exception route, but as short route.

So if a passenger requests to prepaid a baggage from HER-FRA (via ATH), the charge will be 20€ and not 70€.

But if for any reason passenger will not be checked up to the final destination or there will be a stopover in ATH (over 24 hours), so will be checked up to the intermediate point, then there will be two charges (one for the short international from FRA and one for the domestic from ATH to HER).



HER-ATH on 20th of January

ATH-MUC on 21st of January

Passenger presents at HER check in with one extra baggage

Check in agent will check passenger up to ATH and will charge the extra baggage with airport charges for domestic (25€)

Next day (21st of January), passenger presents at ATH check in with the extra baggage

Check in agent will check passenger from ATH to MUC and will charge the extra baggage with airport charges for exception routes (70€)

FRA-ATH-CHQ on 20th of January

Passenger presents at FRA check in with two extra baggage

Check in agent will check passenger up to CHQ and will charge the two extra baggage with airport charges for International Short (35€ per piece).

A3 excess rates for all other destinations, when A3 is the Most Significant Carrier

For all cases, where according to IATA Resolution 302 and U.S DoT, A3 is the most significant carrier and agent will have to follow A3 policy for Free Baggage Allowance and excess baggage rates.

Agent will follow the policy and excess baggage rates according to the A3 flight sector.


ATH-FRA A3 flight in flex fare

FRA-NYC LH flight in flex fare

According to U.S DoT, in the above example, A3 is the most significant carrier.

So the Free Baggage Allowance, according to A3 policy, will be 1PC up to 23 kilos.

Agent will check baggage up to the final destination (from the moment that there is an Interline agreement, between A3 and the other airline).

If passenger has extra baggage with him, agent will charge him until the final destination (NYC), according to excess baggage rates for International routes in existing pricing policy (as first sector is ATH-FRA) for airport charges.

Transition Period for Free Baggage Allowance and Excess Baggage rates.

Tickets subject to travel on/after 01st of November for domestic and 15th of January for International, where issuance was performed before the 10th of October, 2013, shall be accepted with free baggage allowance as shown in the ticket. In case of excess baggage charges will be applied according to new policy for airport and prepaid charges.

If such tickets are presented for reissue

In case of totally unused ticket

PNR will be re-priced according to current fares (date of the reissue). Fare Basis and Free Baggage Allowance will be according to new policy.

In case of partial used ticket

PNR will be priced according to the date of issuance of the original ticket and the date first flown segment. Fare Basis and Free Baggage Allowance will be according to the old policy.

Tickets issued with wrong Free Baggage Allowance

If a passenger presents at check in with a ticket that has been issued with weight concept as Free Baggage Allowance instead of Piece concept, agent should check passenger with A3 policy for FBA.

As A3 Free Baggage Allowance is Piece concept, agent will take the weight concept of the ticket as 1PC.

For economy fares:

-In case passenger has more than one baggage, travel agent will follow A3 policy for excess rates

-In case passenger has a baggage with more than 23 kilos, travel agent will follow A3 policy for excess rates.

For Business fares:

- In case passenger has more than two baggage, travel agent will follow A3 policy for excess rates.

Tickets issued with wrong fare basis or Free Baggage Allowance

Original ticket issued before 18th of June in any fare family except GoLight and change after 18th of June from website in GoLight.

For these tickets, passengers are already aware from the website that new ticket has 0PC (No free baggage allowance), as a result is passenger’s responsibility that he accepts this change and proceed with the online reissue.

No exception will be made in such cases and no correction in tickets. In case passenger wants to have the 1PC FBA, will be advised to issue prepaid/excess baggage.

Original ticket issued before 18th of June in any fare family except GoLight and change after 18th of June from A3 ticketing offices (offline) or travel agencies.

If agent will notice that passenger has a ticket that is issued from A3 offline offices or travel agent in wrong fare basis, should inform passenger that this ticket should be reissued in order to have again the Free Baggage Allowance (1PC).

Ticket will be reissued in Flex fare family instead of GoLight and agent should collect only the fare difference (that passenger should have been charged from the date of reissue with the difference between original ticket and the new flex fare family).

Rebooking fee and Reissue fee will be excluded from such reissues and will not be charged.

Tickets issued with correct fare basis (from all fare families to Flex, from GoLight to GoLight), but travel agent has updated the Free Baggage Allowance manually

For first issue and reissue cases.

In case an agent update the Free Baggage Allowance, there is no change in the pricing record (FCMI) and ticket/pricing is still shown as automated.

If an agent will notice that ticket is in GoLight, but the FBA instead of 0PC is any other allowance (i.e 1PC, 2PC, 20K, etc.), should not proceed with any change/update in the ticket.

Agent will inform passenger that for any change, he should contact the travel agent.

Please be informed that for these cases, travel agents will be notified from sales colleagues and ADM (debits) will be sent from Revenue Accounting.

Ticket issued with A3 and Other Airline with different FBA

If passenger holds a ticket with A3 and Other airline for one direction, where other airline has a different Free Baggage Allowance than A3, agent will check passenger up to the final destination according to RESO 302 or U.S DoT.

In case passenger requests to check his ticket and his luggage only up to the connecting point

or in case passenger has a stopover, agent will check passenger only for A3 flight according to A3 baggage policy.

In case other airline is the most significant carrier and has an airport tolerance, A3 will not accept the extra kilos free of charge and will check passenger and baggage according to the Free Baggage Allowance of the ticket.



SKG-MXP with A3 (FBA: 1PC)

MXP-EWR with LH (FBA: 2PC)

A3 is the most significant carrier according to U.S DoT and will check passenger and baggage with A3 policy, so 1PC up to the final destination.

SKG-LCA with A3 (FBA: 1PC) 20JUN

LCA-LIS with TP (FBA: 0PC) 22JUN

As passenger has a stop in LCA, A3 will check baggage up to LCA with Free Baggage Allowance 1PC

And other airline (TP) will check passenger again in LCA with her Free Baggage Allowance (in this case TP with 0PC)

SKG-ATH with A3 (FBA:1PC)

ATH-DOH-MEL with QR (FBA 23 kilos)

QR accept free of charge up to 30 kilos (airport tolerance 7kilos)

Most significant carrier is QR according to Reso 302

A3 will check passenger and baggage with the Free Baggage Allowance of the ticket, which in this case are 23 kilos.

If passenger has extra kilos (example total 28kilos), A3 will charge passenger for the overweight (5kilos extra) according to QR policy/charges for excess baggage.

In no way, A3 should accept the airport tolerance of 7 kilos, as this is not the policy.

  • The new policy applies exclusively to flights operated by Aegean. Itineraries that other airlines included or on flights operated in cooperation with other airlines, the charges may differ. For more information, please contact the validating carrier
  • All excess baggage services (XBAG, XBAC, XBGS, XBGC) effective for sales on/after 06Mar13, will be non-refundable.
    Excess baggage can be refunded in full for:
    1. all involuntary cases.
    2. lost baggage.
    3. excess baggage issued on/before 05th of March 2013, can be refunded in full.
  • Payment for additional bags through Aegean's website is not possible for infants. Payment of charges for additional bags may only be made through the company's call center or through the ticket counters at the airport (see charges listed above).
  • The maximum number of Baggage that a customer can present at the airport for check-in is limited to 5 pieces.
  • Baggage prepayment is restricted and cannot be offered within two (2) hours before the flight departure.