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Book a Hotel

Aegean Airlines, partners with Booking.com, Europe’s leading online hotel reservations agency.

Through Booking.com’s service, travelers benefit from the guaranteed real time hotel availability, the constant evaluation of the hotels from real guest reviews, the very competitive prices and the friendly cancellation policies. Additionally, bookers are not required to pre pay for their reservation, since payment is made directly to the hotels.

Use Villas.com to search for cottages with pools, for villas with sea views, for city bolt-holes, for rural idylls with enough bedrooms for everyone and for homes that welcome the whole family … including the dog.

Villas.com, the dedicated online booking website for villas, apartments and holiday homes has partnered with Aegean to provide the best possible holiday rentals in 24,736 of the world’s most popular holiday destinations!

The new, flexible search features will help you find the right property in the right place. Villas.com also includes useful information about the regions in which each holiday rental is located – so you can learn more about your dream destinations, and be sure you’re making the right choice for you and your family.