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Technical Base

In January 2009, Aegean proudly unveiled the new Technical Base after an entire year of construction work. The magnitude of this ambitious multi-million investment project is staggering. It covers an area of more than 4,800 sq. meters that can fit up to two Airbus A-321s, the largest type of aircraft in Aegean’s fleet.

It is well known that in Aegean passenger safety comes first. That is why the new hangar is constructed in order to ease the demanding work of Aegean mechanics when performing everyday safety checks and repairs on the general upkeep of its fleet.

Consequently, the new Base comprises of several sections, carefully designed to guarantee maximum efficiency. They are store rooms, engineering laboratories, administration offices, technical electronic library as well as computer labs.

In addition to that, the new Technical Base is equipped with an advanced technologically automated fire fighting system, capable of detecting and preventing a possible fire break out. Also, COMBI system is used on aircraft under maintenance to provide electrical power, compressed air and water in case of fire. What’s more, there is an Electrical Emergency Generator unit in the unlike event of outages.

In September 2008, Aegean received the ISO 14001:2004 verification, for the implementation of the Environmental Management System for Passenger Services - Aircraft Services/Maintenance, regarding waste management control. In particular, in the new hangar a waste control system is in place, collecting all waste in specially designed tanks to keep the ground water levels clean and unpolluted.

Aegean recognizes that the importance of protecting the environment and keeping up with those efforts is as vital as the constant improvement and evolution of our business. The new Technical Base makes us proud because not only it serves its functionality, but it is also environmentally friendly.