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January 2014: AEGEAN and Olympic Air Passenger Traffic Results

522 thousand passengers with a 12% increase and during winter

Significant increase in the domestic traffic with the new lower fares


Kifissia, February 5th 2014

AEGEAN and Olympic Air, on January 2014 recorded together 12% increase in their traffic carrying in total 522 thousand passengers, 57 thousand more compared to the same month on 2013.

In the international network, the company has achieved increased levels of activity from Athens’ base, reaching 9%, carrying 178k passengers, while a significant growth in passenger numbers on international flights from Thessaloniki has been noted, carrying 50k passengers out of total 228k, despite the seasonality of the base.

The traffic increase on its international flights from Athens is a result of the actions taken by the company within 2013 to expand its network with new routes, the further development of its activity from the airports of Geneva, Kiev, Warsaw, Prague, as well as the recovery of the traffic to traditional destinations, such as Madrid, Brussels and Moscow.

It is pointed out that company’s additional bases, where aircraft are stationed to be used for international flights (Heraklion, Rhodes, Kalamata, Kos, Corfu, Chania) will gradually initiate activity from March/April, whereas an effort is being made so as to increase the period, resulting this way in the development of the touristic period.

At the same and for the first time over the last four years, both AEGEAN’s and Olympic Air’s cumulative domestic traffic has increased. Relevant percentages show an increase of 18% out of Athens base, carrying 271 thousand passengers and an increase to 41% out of Thessaloniki base to the islands, carrying 23 thousand passengers. Overall, the domestic traffic for both companies within January of 2014 reached a number of 294 thousand passengers in contrast to 246 thousand within January of 2013. This increase is a result of AEGEAN’s new pricing policy following the acquisition of Olympic Air, which has been in force since November and December of 2013, bringing impressive results in the passenger traffic to island destinations.

Specifically, islands such as Mytilene, Chios and Samos, indicated a growth in traffic from 12% to 20%, with lower prices and increased occupancy levels. At the same time, the Public Service Obligation routes such as Kithira, Ikaria and Kalymnos presented an increase of traffic up to 40%, deriving from company's new pricing policy valid as of 1/12/2013, in which a free domestic sector for the Public Service Obligation routes during winter period, is offered to passengers who have an international connection flight with AEGEAN.

Mr. Dimitris Gerogiannis, CEO of AEGEAN and Olympic Air stated:

"The synergies of the network as well as the new lower pricing policy we introduced in November 2013 with a minimum fare € 12 + airport taxes for a one way flight, had an immediate and significant effect in boosting traffic. Particularly winners are, as always, passengers who purchase their tickets early. We would like to point out that supporting Athens during winter period as well, by launching new international destinations may cost in the short term but grows and contributes to the recovery of the city. It is essential for the country and the economy to improve our tourism seasonality and therefore, collective actions are required for the achievement of this cause. "