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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility for Aegean was never considered to be “just another division” of our activities, but rather an integrated part of our business rationale and the way we understand the ingredients of healthy and responsible entrepreneurship. It is also considered for us a way to convey our main values.

That has been our perspective from the very beginning. To this end, our efforts over the last 13 years were concentrated on aligning the development of our company with our contribution to our country’s growth and the progress and protection of our society. We have planned our business strategy according to the framework established by the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We also organize our social presence with the aim of providing the best possible results while at the same time reacting as swiftly as possible to the needs and goals which prevail at any given time and circumstance.

This dedication to the bright side of Greece gives meaning, substance and quality to everything we do. It likewise leads us, each and every time, to become involved in activities and initiatives which accentuate that side. We want to convey a positive message that Greeks can overcome the obstacles. This is the reason we place so much emphasis on the promotion of our culture and the strengthening of Greece's tourism development. That is why Aegean gives priority to activities which support education, environmental awareness and the creation of a new culture for the renewal
of growth and development.

In the coming years, we do not plan to change in this respect – except by strengthening our efforts even more. We will do this by joining our forces with our 6.5 million passengers that we carry every year. We will make good use of the advantages we enjoy by virtue of our membership in the Star Alliance international travel network, and, through it, our presence in 190 countries.

The country needs all of its healthy and productive forces, and we will continue to support this national effort with all of our might.

In any case, we will continue to follow our natural instinct – which is to give wings to the bright side of Greece.